I ask my kids for a list

so if there is something they want and even saving for, they may get it. they only get 1 “big” gift and some stocking stuffers so I would rather get something they really want…not something I think they would want and it be a complete waste of money.

My kids have never been materialistic and have been disgusted by other kids that are….a neighbor kid was ticked off at her parents because she only got the ipod, motorized scooter, clothes on her list, but not the computer she wanted. She was a real B%$#@ for days. My kids stopped visiting with the family after that.
so, a kid said she wanted a dresser–her twin took over the one they shared and she has been using a plastic type. OK, went to a few different consignment shops, found a really nice piece. dark wood with an extra marble piece on top—we were more interested in size and condition. as we were loading it into the van, the guy noticed the markings on the marble–“Italian Marble”…he didn’t notice it when it came into the shop, but now regrets the price of the dresser. WIN for me!!!

We don’t do Christmas presents at all. He was never allowed to ask for something. JMO but when you ask for something it stops being a true gift and is simply a request filled.

For us Christmas is about faith and family. It’s about celebrating the gift of Christ and giving to those who are in true need (ie.. Providing food and warm coats for the homeless, driving around on Christmas eve and handing out hot cocoa to the police officers who are directing traffic at shopping centers and churches. Delivering a gift basket of healthy food to a local family who is struggling etc..

I don’t see it as a pitfall. I see it as a gift.

I haven’t looked into my report in a while so today I took a look. I have heard BN and others say that cards will drop off the report over time. I have a handful of closed cards but they don’t seem to ever drop off my account.
For example, I closed an account in 11/2007 that is still appearing. Also, there seems to be closed accounts that were closed in 2012, but still “report” so there is a recent “Date reported” date. Do any of you know why this is and is that what is keeping the stupid things on my report? Anything I can or should do? It just isn’t happening the way I expected it to… I would like have them off and in my past.

How does the office staff handle your call. Try calling as someone outside the district and see how they are treated. I called a local rep. who I am not able to vote for and was treated SO rudely by his staffer that I will be sending money to his opponent. I was told “Say what you want, but I won’t be passing it to him”. Other rep. from my state, yet out of my district, had very kind and professional staffers.

Also, does the politician accept email from people outside their district? To me, an elected official making decisions that effect the nation as a whole, should be accessible. Some email contact forms only allow comments if you have the “magic” 9 number zip code.

A) I am sort of like Gary in that I am not the most politically correct person. I say what I want to say and I probably offend people.

B) EWWWW….I would be one of the most hated people in the country next to lawyers and used car salesmen.

C) I am not the right ethnicity to run in this district. There has never been anyone besides a black person to hold the position due to serious gerrymandering. Barbara Jordan, Mickey Leleand, Craig Washington, who took over when Mr. Leland passed away in a plane crash and SJL. Which doesn’t bother me, just Sheila Jackson Lee. She is a complete idiot. She is worse than Cynthia McKinney for you out there in the Georgia area for reference. My wife and I were going to campaign for the guy that was going to run against her (who was black), but I think he finally concluded he couldn’t win. SJL has too much money built up. I was hoping that when she backed Hillary for President instead of Obama that the district would rise up and vote her out. We shall see. (See A above)

Mostly e-mail but some snail-mail. You find out a whole lot more information that way-especially stuff about upcoming laws that you’ll never see in the regular TV news & newspapers.

We have one senator that we actually like, mainly because of what we find out in his e-mail newsletter. He always has the links to back up what’s going on & complete video of what he’s said in the senate. His newsletters are very factual in nature. He gives a lot of details about the bills being voted on that we always want to know-but the news refuses to cover. He doesn’t waste time putting down other senators, either. He just simply addresses the issues at hand.

My parents like him, too. We’ll actually be voting for him when his term comes up for renewal. We have our share of other ones that we definitely won’t be voting for, though.

I know this is “politics talk” but the way that the Senate, Congress & the President are voting is affecting the American people’s finances. I’m really upset about the financial mess that the country is in.

Not trying to start any kind of debate or division within the forum about loans for any reason… but all of their decisions affect each American’s personal finances.

you start out all excited and you are mentally ready, and you start off with a bang. Then it seems as if you plateau and it gets boring, and you are tempted to ‘take a break’, but when you do, the weight comes back faster than it went off and you go into a ‘funk’ that makes you wish you had stayed the course. You could make you a chart with goals marked on it and when you reach a goal, no matter how small, ( i.e., Your biggest debt is down by 50.00! Your smallest debt is down by half!) put a big star on the chart. The joy of being debt free will always outshine the times when you think it’s not going anywhere.

about your son and the damage to your vehicle I was afraid you were going to write that you paid for the repairs. I am glad to read that you are making him pay. It is part of his growing up experience. It will help him feel consequences to his choices. Most of us don’t grow up fully till we have fully felt consequences of our actions. Good for you in making this happen.

Here’s to hoping you and dh can get on the same page with your budget.

We’ve set some fairly ambitious goals for our two businesses in 2017, which is easy, but we’re backing it up with a good amount of small business reading to make sure it actually happens. One topic has been project management, particularly in terms of how to plan out and complete projects such that they stick to time/money/effort budgets, which we’ve had problems with in the past. The other is a fairly substantial “financial makeover” for both businesses but particularly for the farm which has been limping along for a long time now. I’ve been reading a book called Profit First by Mike Michalowicz, which dovetails with DR really, really well. For anyone out there running their own business, I’d highly recommend it. It seemed a natural continuation of the principles we learned with DR (and in fact the author refers to DR’s Total Money Makeover in the book, amongst other financial info sources), but it takes those principles well into the realm of business management as opposed to household management. And his writing style is casual and easy to absorb; I can easily read a chapter a night.
Our debt snowball continues to roll downhill. I didn’t hit my goal of being consumer-debt free by last September but I made a big dent in that debt. With the changes we’ve already made to our business ventures and those we continue to make, 2016 should be a pretty good year. We’re cautiously optimistic.

I ran it once with our finances combined, and once if DH and I split our finances and each contribute half of the bills for the household. I’m tired of arguing about frivolous spending. I must have made a math error somewhere because somehow we come out way ahead if I split it than if we combine finances (hopefully that’s not a metaphor, LOL.)

Just before Christmas DS20 decided he just HAD TO have fun and go off roading in my SUV which has 270k miles on it…and broke the axle. Despite making good money, he just blows through it “having fun,” and eating out. We went down to one vehicle over Christmas break, but starting Sunday, we had to rent a car. I’m making DS20 pay for it, as well as the repairs for the SUV. He’s like “how am I going to pay for all that?” I told him he didn’t need to if he wanted to WALK to work (which is 65 miles away. He rents a room in the town he works.) It’s mildly annoying, because he could have picked up shifts the past two weeks and probably gotten his repairs paid for. He’s very very lucky: DH works at a vo-tech school and one of the perks is you can bring your cars in to have the students work on it. They are salivating at the chance to do something more than just “oil changes.” So that should save DS about $1500.

Got cash for the gas and grocery envelopes. Somehow I missed it all these years that DR says to use cash for the things you spend cash for, not cash for everything…(for example, I used to use cash to pay all the bills and would run around to each of the agencies paying them.) It feels good to have the cash on hand to pay for those essentials and know that we’re not going to run out of money before we run out of month.

Other than that, things are poking along 😉

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