Been awhile since I posted, but things are rolling along here

We’ve set some fairly ambitious goals for our two businesses in 2017, which is easy, but we’re backing it up with a good amount of small business reading to make sure it actually happens. One topic has been project management, particularly in terms of how to plan out and complete projects such that they stick to time/money/effort budgets, which we’ve had problems with in the past. The other is a fairly substantial “financial makeover” for both businesses but particularly for the farm which has been limping along for a long time now. I’ve been reading a book called Profit First by Mike Michalowicz, which dovetails with DR really, really well. For anyone out there running their own business, I’d highly recommend it. It seemed a natural continuation of the principles we learned with DR (and in fact the author refers to DR’s Total Money Makeover in the book, amongst other financial info sources), but it takes those principles well into the realm of business management as opposed to household management. And his writing style is casual and easy to absorb; I can easily read a chapter a night.
Our debt snowball continues to roll downhill. I didn’t hit my goal of being consumer-debt free by last September but I made a big dent in that debt. With the changes we’ve already made to our business ventures and those we continue to make, 2016 should be a pretty good year. We’re cautiously optimistic.

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