Crazy – you are so right, amazing what normal has become.

And it’s not just in the view of personal finances – I read an article yesterday that was downplaying the national deficit and debt, arguing that debt was GOOD for the nation and that there should be no concern over it. In fact, some argue there should be no debt limit, that the government should be allowed to borrow without constraints. I truly fail to understand this line of thinking.
We have recently seen Hostess close their doors due to bankruptcy; they can’t make enough money to pay their bills. Why people can’t apply that to their own personal finances and see that if you spend more money than you have you are broke – I’m at a loss. And that they don’t expect more from the government (local/state/federal) in regards to fiscal responsibility baffles me.
I am really not reading much about politics, the economy, etc right now as I can’t stomach it. This is a huge reason we cut cable four years ago. J I just keep saving our money as I think we are headed into a long stretch of rain. Pray I’m wrong, but things don’t add up to anything else…

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