I have a slightly different outlook on this.

Yes, I cosigned some of my daughter’s student loans… the first one was ok, the second one I was thinking that Sallie Mae would deny me and i was surprised that it was approved… the third one I was sure they would deny me because there was no way I could afford that! But still they approved it. I want to know what criteria they were using! I refused to cosign any more because it became obvious that they didn’t care about my credit worthiness, and it hurt my son because I refused to cosign any loans for him. Sallie Mae only wanted a signature; it didn’t seem like they cared if you could pay it back. Luckily for me my daughter is at least paying the interest even if she can’t pay the full loan right now. I hope to be able to help her pay it down, but that won’t be for a few more years.

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