I understand the need to keep something positive in your life continuing,

and it looks as though you can afford to keep the gym, but as far as your debt repayment, I would only pay the minimums at this time. You need to keep as much of your cash reserve on hand as possible. After you get a job, you can then take money from that reserve and throw at it whatever extra you would have put on that debt during this period of limbo. Stop the debt snowball temporarily. The most important thing is to be stingy with the monies you have at this moment until you find new employment. So sorry to hear about job loss. $1600 seems a little conservative. $100 for food in a month, plus you have other necessities? Personal supplies, gas for a car or subway pass? I would pay only minimums on all debt until you get another job. Then you can think of the severance and any savings above your BEF as a debt snowball.

I’d keep the money in savings for emergencies like a deductible on car or health insurance or something breaking on your car.

I wish you good luck in finding a new job quickly!

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