My debts are as follows:

5,700 – loan at 6.03% payments is approximately 150 a month. I’ve been adding anywhere from 250-400 a month.
2,600 – This is a credit card from awhile back. 0% until January 2014. I’ve only been paying minimum, as I’ve been snowballing the other debt.

That’s the only loan I have, as I paid off my first one earlier this year. I’d hate to lose momentum, but my situation is now different obviously.

My monthly expenses:
Rent – 950
Utils – 80 (approximate)
Cable/Internet – 40
Cell – 100
Gym (Specialized gym, Martial Arts) – 200

I believe that I can live off of approximately 1600 a month. Since I’ll be getting about 4k a month in severance for awhile, I should be fine. I’m just wondering if I should keep paying off my loan at the rate I’ve been doing, or should I curtail it back until I find a job and then pay it off again in chunks?

Any advice would be great! Just a note: I will NOT give up my gym membership. I love it too much, and now that I have time off, I am spending a lot of time there. I understand the money factor, believe me I do. But i’d be miserable without it, especially now.

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