A) I am sort of like Gary in that I am not the most politically correct person. I say what I want to say and I probably offend people.

B) EWWWW….I would be one of the most hated people in the country next to lawyers and used car salesmen.

C) I am not the right ethnicity to run in this district. There has never been anyone besides a black person to hold the position due to serious gerrymandering. Barbara Jordan, Mickey Leleand, Craig Washington, who took over when Mr. Leland passed away in a plane crash and SJL. Which doesn’t bother me, just Sheila Jackson Lee. She is a complete idiot. She is worse than Cynthia McKinney for you out there in the Georgia area for reference. My wife and I were going to campaign for the guy that was going to run against her (who was black), but I think he finally concluded he couldn’t win. SJL has too much money built up. I was hoping that when she backed Hillary for President instead of Obama that the district would rise up and vote her out. We shall see. (See A above)

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