My friend’s husband is 66 years old,

and a pretty serious cancer survivor (all cancer is serious, but his was stage 3 when they found it); he was “transferred” after he returned from treatment from a desk job to a job that was 14 hours a day, 100% physical labor. Finally was fired for “non performance” a few months ago. He is a really nice, non-conflict guy, so when I heard about it, I talked him into filing for unemployment. I was actually kind of surprised when his company fought the unemployment, so the guy’s like, ‘well, that’s it, there’s no hope,” and I’m like Oh No Dude, we have just begun to fight.

So I sat down with him and composed an appeal letter (I love suing The Man) and he went to appellate hearing last week or so, and the hearing officer was aghast at what had happened and totally ruled in his favor!!

I am so excited!
Now if I can just get them to get excited about getting out of debt and staying on a budget (they are selling their home here in CA) and hopefully buying a place out of state and paying cash for it with the proceeds. He’s going to stay on Social Security (remember how I asked a few months ago if you can collect SS and UI? This is the reason why).

Thank you all for your conversations about these kinds of topics. It has really helped !

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