My DH and I have been testing out Quicken, each on our own machine, for the last few months. We decided this weekend that we like the software enough that we want to keep using it, but it doesn’t make sense to have two copies and separate records. So we’re taking a big (for us) step: as of 2013, we’ll be recording all our info in one general account, so that all our money can be managed together. For anyone who has managed their own accounts for decades, and weathered other people trying to take advantage of that money, you’ll understand what a huge step that is to combine everything. I know DR has always advocated that married couples manage their money together; let’s just say it took us awhile to be ready to take that step. But here we are.

For the moment, I have a fairly practical question: is there a way in Quicken to combine the accounts we already have into one Quicken record? For instance, importing my accounts into my DH’s Quicken record, or vice versa? We know we can start 2013 with a new record and just have them combined from that point forward. But now we’ve got 6 months’ records already in the system and I’d hate to lose that.

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